You have just setup your business with a new website, brochures and business cards… but what about your phone number?

Everything you do at the beginning will stay with your business for the future and you want to be ready to scale-up your operations quickly!


Have a professionally recorded greeting message when your customers call…


Businesses are faced with new challenges today and lockdown has put even more pressure on revenues so that you need to compete more fiercely than ever. Here at VOIspeed Ltd we want to make sure that your communication is handled flawlessly so that you can focus on speaking to your clients and growing your customer-base.


Do you feel your business message is sufficiently sleek, unique and your customers understand your offering?


Your phone system is the first port of call for many of your customers, the first interaction with your company and you want them to have a professional and lasting impression of your business. The same positive impression they get visiting your website.

A landline number with a professional message and redirection of calls to your mobile is a great way to start.

Why a landline number?


  • On your mobile you cannot play different messages when you are open or closed for business
  • People will call the number you have on your business cards, on your car, brochures, website – are you sure you want to advertise your mobile everywhere?
  • In the future you will scale up, hire a receptionist to transfer the calls you are taking today. Can you do that using your mobile number?
  • A landline number gives more credibility to your business and is less personal
  • If your sales exec calls out using a mobile number, your clients are going to call back that number and if your sales exec goes… your clients may go too

Our proposition:


1 x new phone number (01,02,03)

1 x diversion to landline or mobile

1 x multi-optional responder with message

1 x voicemail sent to your email

TOT: £9.99/m+vat

Free setup

Term: 12 months with 30 day renewal