Auto Dial: Dial a number when you lift the handset

The Polycom IP phone allows you to dial a number previously specified, automatically when you lift the handset.

Below are the steps required to configure the number:

  • Login in to the web interface of the phone as an admin user.
  • Go to Utilities  Import/Export Configuration
  • Click on Export all configurations ( except Device Settings)
  • Open the fie with text editor (e.g. Notepad++)
  • Got to node All and add below line: call.autoOffHook.1.enabled=”1″”@”
  • Save the file and import it from the Import Configuration file field.
  • Once you import the file then phone will reboot.
  • After the reboot number will be dialled as soon as you lift the handset, press the speakerphone or Line1 Key from the phone.

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