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Here is a simple list of links to the VOIspeed apps, desktop and web versions, legacy software, remote support, marketing materials and IT aids to support VOIspeed partners and users. For further information see our support section and ‘how to’ knowledge base.

VOIspeed Apps on iOS and Android 

Download the VOIspeed App on Google Play

Download the VOIspeed App on Google Play


VOIspeed App download on Apple App Store

For the VOIspeed App iOS version download here on the Apple App Store

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VOIspeed UI & Server

UCloud User Interface (With Video and Desktop Sharing)

UCloud Mac User Interface (Beta)

Please contact technical support to help with the web browser.


Legacy Versions:

UCloud Android App old version.

VOIspeed Ver 6.8.1 (GUI)

VOIspeed Ver 6.8.1 (Server setup)

VOIspeed Technical Support: 

Remote Support  via Splashtop

PC Tools/Software

IP Scanner

SIP ALG Tester

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