We provide connectivity and billing services in addition to business phone numbers, as we understand that business people should be busy running their business not looking for solutions to their telephony problems. Therefore, we often take a holistic approach providing phone lines, broadband and mobile connectivity in addition to the phone system. We look for the best offering in collaboration with the customer and any relevant partner.

These are the services we can offer:

High Speed Fibre Internet and EFM (Ethernet in the first mile)

  • Speeds from 3Mbit/sec to 10Gbit/sec
  • Fibre connection to your premises or cabinet (FTTP, FTTC)
  • Low latency symmetrical and uncontended service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Free connection
  • Short term contracts
  • Points of presence across all London and City

VoIP phone lines

All our systems include VoIP connectivity in addition to traditional analogue and ISDN lines, where these are required (i.e. rural areas). Our VoIP rates are extremely competitive and include national and international destinations. We can create geographical and non-geographical numbers across the UK and most international cities.

Thanks to long standing partnerships with main UK network operators we can guarantee a continued service for your voice traffic. We will assess the suitability of your existing lines, compare costs and can advice on how best migrating to the IP world.

Mobile phone

As all VOIspeed users know, you can use your mobile phone as an extension to your phone system.  We have seen a rise in the use of mobile phones as an additional device amongst remote workers and so have decided to add mobile services to our service offering.

VOIspeed mobile phone services in partnership with Three can be included in your monthly bill from us, whether a SIM card or a 20GB data option.  We are using Three because it is a leading carrier offering 99% coverage (combined 3G and 4G network) of the outdoor UK population, dedicating more spectrum to their 5G network than any other UK mobile operator.

Check in with us when your mobile contract is due for renewal!  If you would like a quote for our mobile services or advice on the best mix of devices in this era of hybrid working, please contact us on 01727 848186.

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