Is VOIspeed a cloud Phone System?
A: Yes, the phone system is in the cloud giving you the peace of mind that all your interactions are backed up and stored safely in a UK datacentre.

How many customers do you have?
A: Our technology has been deployed in over 7,000 business with more than 100,000 users.

Do we own the phones and all included devices outright?
A: phone server and all hardware equipment are offered as a service. Telephones and headsets become yours at the end of the contract.

Can we see some real case-studies of UK based businesses?
A: Please visit the client page.

Can I use my existing broadband connection for VoIP?
A: VoIP requires a stable broadband connection with a minimum guaranteed bandwidth, low latency and low jitter. If your broadband connection is not suitable for voice communication we will be happy to advise you on how you can dramatically reduce your ongoing costs, for example, with a high performing DSL link or secondary broadband connection for voice to be added to your existing data link.

Would any additional users added mid-term be co-terminus with the 3-year contract or would we have to take out additional contracts for 3 years and what would be the added costs? Also, would new users get new phones or would we buy these separately?
A: if the new user needs some hardware (say a phone or a headset) than you have two options. The device can be purchased outright (see hardware list) and we won’t need to setup a new contract for the new user, with the end term being the same as the contract already in place. Or, the device can be rented from us, in which case we will need to setup a new contract for the new user (see options on our pricing page).

What happens if a phone gets lost or damaged during the term?
A: all phones come with 12 months free warranty and if they are damaged within that time, and the damage falls in the terms of the warranty, they will be replaced if they cannot be repaired.

What is the size limit for on hold music?
A: the default value is 120Mbytes, which should equate to about 12mins with standard encoding that usually satisfies most companies, but we can amend it if necessary.

Is there a maximum number of options in the IVR selection menu?
A: there is no limit in the software.

What happens if a datacentre managing our calls has connectivity issues?
A: in theory this should never happen and our datacentres boost a track record of safety and reliability. However, we allow for disasters to happen and thanks to geographical diversity, servers are located in different geographical regions and the connection can be changed if needed.

What is the SLA for a connection issue?
A: Our engineers aim to respond to any urgent technical enquiries immediately. Non-urgent enquiries will be responded within 2 days of them being raised. A connection issue may be due to many reasons, but if it’s due to our network we would be all alerted to resolve it soon. We work with many call centres that do not tolerate any delays as they would lose significantly during a downtime. We have a status page to see any disrution on the network.

Is the price locked for the term or are there mid-contract price rises?
A: the price is locked during the contract term and there will be no rises.

Are we able to get regional UK numbers assigned to the business?
A: yes, we can create new UK or international numbers, local or toll free.

Outbound CLI cost – does this mean people won’t see what number we are calling from unless we pay that price?
A: No. This is a one-off charge that only applies when the number is not on our network (i.e. you want to display a home or mobile number that has not been transferred to us yet).
What does an engineering visit cover? How often would you expect us to need one?
A: this is generally a charge applied when a group of employees that require specific training or an installer that needs special guidance at the beginning of trading with us. In normal circumstances, we configure everything remotely.

Are the UK call charges listed on the price list after the bundle has run out?
A: correct, all calls not included in your bundle will be listed there. Please refer to our pricing page for all our services and call list charges.

Price for incoming calls to 0800 and 0808 numbers: Does this mean that if we receive a call from a 0800 or 0808 number we have to pay?
A: correct, if you receive a call on a 0800 or 0808 that you own, you will be charged based on how long is the call and the device used by the person calling you (i.e. if its a mobile or landline for international numbers, its a flat fee for UK numbers).

What are the costs of calling a 0800 or other NGN?
A: calling an 0800 and 0808 is free. NGN stands for Non Geographical Number and includes 08 and 03 numbers that are not tied to the geographical location of the line subscriber.

What are the costs of calling a 0300 or international numbers?
A: calling an NGN like 03 number will be charged at a lower rate than 0870/0845 numbers. People call more favourably a 03 number (rather than the old 0845 numbers) from their mobile as the minutes to a 03 number are usually included into the monthly allowance. Usually, as a business, you have 01 or 02 number if your business have local coverage but if you cover the whole nation you may want to have a 03 number.

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