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How can my business become a VoIP Reseller?

What is VoIP and how can my business become a reseller? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and allows customers to make and receive telephone calls over the internet. In addition to voice calls, VoIP includes a variety of related services, such as instant…

VoIP business opportunity
Why IT companies won’t want to miss a VoIP business opportunity?

Have you considered adding VoIP telephony to your product list?  Is it a real opportunity or do you think it will dilute your offering? Perhaps you have had a poor experience of a VoIP provider already and have lost enthusiasm for diversification?   There are several…

New VOIspeed Partner
New VOIspeed Partner

We are delighted to welcome our new VOIspeed Partner, Povas. Povas are based in South London and specialise in IT Consultancy and support.  The company also offers specific solutions for the automotive and underwriting industries, and can now offer their clients VOIspeed telephony. We look forward…

Time to think
Do you have time to think?

Is your work time and concentration affected by random staff and client phone calls? Aside from the distractions of daily home life now, you may lack focus due to continuous notifications and phone calls, from needy staff and clients? VOIspeed, our VoIP phone system, enables…

Remote working phone sytem
Train to gain! Remote UI training for Free

We are offering group training to our clients on Zoom with our Director Giuseppe who can discuss with you how best you can use our telephony features in your company, and make sure that everyone is up to speed!   We have seen a significant increase…

Remote working
Conference Call

Conference Call with VOIspeed for that quick work call!  You can relieve stress by conference calling for that morning team catch up call: you can be at the kitchen table without wasting time preparing yourself and your surroundings, or coping with lack of bandwidth for…