Why VoIP is a business opportunity for IT Companies

VoIP business opportunity

Have you considered adding VoIP telephony to your product list?  Is it a real opportunity or do you think it will dilute your offering? Perhaps you have had a poor experience of a VoIP provider already and have lost enthusiasm for diversification?  

There are several reasons why you should consider or re-consider the VoIP business opportunity since both the business landscape and time are right! 

1.          The first is that there is the upcoming Analogue line PSTN lines and ISDN switch off in 2025 when the current copper based PSTN network used for calls and data will be completely replaced by digital networks carrying data traffic that use Internet Protocol (IP). BT and Virgin have already announced that they will no longer be selling Analogue and ISDN from next year, 2023.  

2.         Secondly businesses are evaluating their office space and communications structure NOW following the pandemic together with their IT and telecoms contracts.  Companies are looking at all sorts of technologies but want to maintain the cohesiveness of their team and their professionalism with a geographical business phone number.

3.         Meet the demand for hybrid working effectively and provide your existing customers with better remote working unified communications.  With the pandemic we have learnt to work from home and then between home and the office with many companies offering hybrid solutions. A survey from the Chartered Institute of Management (CMI) reported a survey of their membership: that 80% reported their firms had adopted hybrid working – most since the pandemic (BBC Article). With VoIP you have flexibility and with our technology, VOIspeed, you can meet this demand and work anywhere on any device, messaging and calling out from your mobile using your company number.  We also have the unified communications features of internal video chat and shared desktop as standard.

What are the VoIP business opportunities specific to IT companies? 

              To cross sell services and add a revenue stream from your existing customer base. Current VOIspeed resellers report reaching out to existing clients using other technologies they sell. One of our resellers explains how companies cross sell services and can bring VOIspeed into their product set to help increase margins and revenues and make customers stickier.

              To gain sticky customers. Customers will retain your services as there will be more than one product stream with any additional VoIP product and related services. With VOIspeed you also have the advantages of a User Interface that is easy to sell and great levels of support, that may lift your offering all round. (see below) 

              To attract new customers in different vertical markets. Adam, MD of VOIspeed reseller Fusion Telecom, explains how they create an edge over competition by adapting VOIspeed to different vertical https://vimeo.com/664710620.   Also, businesses may prefer having a one stop shop for IT and telecoms, one trusted contact rather than negotiating with several suppliers and their support teams. 

              To keep ahead of the competition – or not to lose customers to rival IT companies who also offer telephony and unified communications. 

              To use the existing technical skills available in your business and increase staff retention with training technical support staff on different technologies. 

Why choose VOIspeed and not another VoIP provider? 

All these factors can apply to many VoIP providers, but this is how VOIspeed will boost these business opportunities further: 

1.          With VOIspeed you are selecting a technology and service that will enhance your own offering.  Our technology is great to gain clients as the User Interface attracts clients and is easy to present. One VOIspeed resellers Adam explains how the User Interface helps him sell VOIspeed and as clients find it simple and fun.

2.          VOIspeed’s technical support is expert and personal with no contact centre account managers to negotiate. Another of our resellers Gary, who runs an IT company in London, supports this saying that they inherit large difficult to manage phone systems and move them to VOIspeed platform also to guarantee the support levels their customers require. 

Adam too reports how VOIspeed helps them to respond quickly to customer needs: by accessing tools in the backed and the fact that VOIspeed’s support team know their product and respond quickly. https://vimeo.com/664711009

3.    Flexibility! You would be selecting a flexible technology – our software works on any device anywhere – but a flexible commercial proposition too, as you are able to select the level of support you require. You can rely on VOIspeed for the entire end to end solution, or provide first line support to your customers, which is reflected in the commission you receive.   This flexibility is particularly valuable to companies with varied training needs, and those wishing to train up their technical teams. 

For further information on how IT companies can make the most of the VoIP business opportunity with VOIspeed see our Partner Experience Page below.  Hear from our partners themselves about the companies they run and their experience of VOIspeed:


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