Discover videoconference and desktop sharing from your phone’s User Interface

VOIspeed UI Dashboard


A single communication tool for you,
your team and your customers

Effortlessly initiate internal video meetings with your colleagues – no downloads, links, or computer strain required!

Mini CRM

All the information you need,
wherever you are.

VOIspeed UI Call Notes

Link notes to contacts in your phonebook:  these will be available to your colleagues and appear automatically for calls to or from the contact, enhancing your communication and decision making.

Integrated Calendar

The simplest way to manage your appointments and video meetings.

VOIspeed UI Calendar

Create a videoconference appointment by inviting any contacts and share your desktop with them.

Or simply add a call reminder for one of your team.

Bookmarks and short cuts

Integrate all your working practices
into VOIspeed

Browser bookmarks

Access your favourite web pages and save them with VOIspeed, optimising your work by viewing them from your Interface.


Faster smart communication for your team

We have taken onboard the importance of our chat function for quick communication between you and your colleagues and have improved it so that you can create groups and send messages even more efficiently.


Upgrade to our new User Interface with all these features now!

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