Here at VOIspeed we operate normal business hours and run our operations as normal despite the impact the current pandemic is having on our daily life.

We are all currently working from home but you should experience no disruption in the services received.

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Our services

  • Our cloud phone systems help your business increase productivity...

  • Why spending money on recurring fees for your ISDN or analogue line......

  • We help contact centres increase the efficiency of their agents using CRM and predictive diallier....

Advanced features for a small business

A robust cloud phone system that people can use with their mobiles and desk-phones when working from home or in the office.

Unifying remote offices and workers

VOIspeed allows you to unify remote offices and workers into one system with easy communication between and visibility of all employees.

Central phone book

Share your company phone book and contacts with all the other extensions and simplify your communication.


The VOIspeed APP can convert your smartphone into an extension of your business phone system, with all its features.


With chat function, you can message and exchange files between colleagues even when you are on the phone.

Call Recording

Record phone calls, listen to them again, delete them or download recordings.

See User Status

User status showing which employees are busy on other lines.

Call Reporting

Show phone reports and demonstrate phone activity.

Conference Call

Simplify conference calls with your clients and colleagues: with VOIspeed you can quickly and easily set up a conference call in just a few clicks!

Business Opening Hours

Plan your opening hours and set your automatic responder (IVR) quickly with our simple interface.

VOIspeed multi device

How to use VOIspeed

Here you will find posts explaining how VOIspeed works.

Why VOIspeed UCloud

Connect your phones to any line (analogue, ISDN or VoIP). UK based services, infrastructure and operations. As we only sell our own technology we provide fast service at competitive rates because there are no intermediaries involved.

Phones and accessories

All the devices in this list have been fully tested for compatibility with our systems by our R&D. This means that we can adjust them to your specific needs and our engineers will ensure that they will work to your personal requirements.

Integration and API

Using Salesforce or your own CRM with VOIspeed improves significantly the productivity of your call centre or telesales team. The predictive dialler module will allow you to make bulk calls with the least down time.

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