Your phone system stores sensitive data every day.
Are you GDPR compliant?

Why running the risk of a hefty fine and losing your precious business data because of an antiquated phone system? Not all systems are born equal and not all telephony platforms allow you to be GDPR compliant as easily as VOIspeed.

Become compliant

Being GDPR compliant is not an option but is now a legal requirement and for a small business it should not be too difficult.

A simple solution

Easy configuration

A GDPR configuration panel makes it easy to adapt all privacy settings to the changing needs of your business.


Personalise the compliance procedure storing only the information you need.


Most default settings are already suitable for most businesses. However, our technical team can change them based on your privacy requirements.

Applies to all businesses and is only common sense


With VOIspeed you can demonstrate compliance with GDPR regulations at any point in time.


Data is the most precious asset for most businesses nowadays so why not protecting it with a state of the art telephony solution?


You will need to keep track of how your phone system is processing personal data and produce reports at short notice. Let VOIspeed do it for you.

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