An ecosystem of services and technologies

UI (User Interface)

Smartphones, tablets and computers

See who is online, send a text message, call, join a conference or listen to voicemails.
Managers can access reports, statistics, recordings and even intrude a call to train an employee.

Your smartphone becomes an office phone working on many different platforms.

Proprietary Technology


Enhanced audio quality.


Thanks to our proprietary Maestro Technology we can deliver a better voice quality experience than traditional VoIP systems.

You can keep your traditional ISDN and analogue lines and wait for the contract to end. No need to transfer numbers, install new phone lines or broadband.



Your smartphone becomes your office extension.


With the VOIspeed App you can call your business contacts, message your colleagues or transfer calls using your smartphone on the move. Importantly, when you make a call you will be displaying your office number not your mobile number.

Simple to use and yet packed with services for advanced business communication, you can find the VOIspeed App on the following online stores:

App on Google and App Store

TSComm Atom Technology


Efficient and scalable use of cloud resources.


A dramatic reduction in technical maintenance thanks to an efficient use of resources in the data centre, multiple failovers and strict disaster recovery policies.


VOIspeed cloud creates individual instances for each component of the call routing (e.g. line management, web interface, reporting, etc.) enhancing the performance of the overall system. Its innovative architecture delivers no downtime and a technology that is always kept up to date.

API Integration


A telephone solution working with your company’s software.


Sales reports and call statistics can be imported in your CRM or management software to increase efficiency and productivity.


An API that allows for easy integration with 3rd party software thanks to software tools that are ready to use and extremely flexible.

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