UI (User Interface)

Full list

Multi-platform interface (Win/iOS/Android/Mac)

Notification of missed calls, messages or chat

User status: Available, Do Not Disturb, Absent, Diverted

User icon with customisable image

Status phrase to notify activity to colleagues

Link to help manual

Select device for calling (including mobile)

Show incoming calls with answer / refuse call button (only selected terminals)

Active calls display

On hold button

Park call with message

“Who called Whom” function

Call queue display

User panel showing departments

User panel showing user icons

User panel showing user status

User status showing user status phrase

User panel with advanced collaborative services: messaging, chat, voicemail, file transfer

Phone book panel with search by field: name, surname, company, email

Phone book panel with search by phone number: office, mobile, home, other

Phone book with favourites contacts

Phone book with the ability to make a contact private or public

Activity report panel with reports of calls lost / sent / received

Activity report with lost call grouped by users or hunt group

Activity report of calls recorded

Activity report of voicemails

Activity report of voicemail messages with personalised greeting message

Panel with history of chats between colleagues

Panel with the option to create a chat with a single user

Panel with the option to create a group chat

Chat panel personalised with name, items, cancel messages, delete chat.

Advanced functions panel for phone system administrator and configuration

Advanced management settings for the following events: busy, do not disturb, unavailable, and divert

Advanced settings for selecting mobile for direct calls

Advanced settings for selecting mobile for group calls

Advanced settings for the personalisation of each user password

Advanced settings for the personalisation of hot-key combinations

Advanced settings for Outlook integration

Advanced settings for third party software integration

Theme with colour differentiation

Personalised panel view

Shows telephone lines that are busy


Full list

Automatic creation of users by importing a .csv file

Auto provisioning

Extension numbers up to 6 digits long

Outbound number selection on user profile

Blocked area codes

Always – allowed area codes

User permissions with on / off button controlled by the administrator

Personal voicemail

Voicemail to email

Users grouped by department

Multiple user profile configuration (department, outgoing number)

Hunt groups

Full list

Automatic creation of groups for single users

Mapping of departments into hunt groups

Group profiles

Simultaneous ringing

Cyclic ringing with or without shift

Progressive ringing with or without shift

Default on hold message

Customisable on hold message

Call queue management with dynamic message notifying caller of position in queue

Call queue management sending the call to user interface

Call routing based on group busy: disconnection, queuing, forward call to other entity

Call routing based on group unreachable: disconnection, queuing, forward call to other entity

Call routing based on group unavailable: disconnection, queuing, forward call to other entity

Call routing based on maximum ringing time: disconnection, queuing, forward call to other entity

Group voicemail

ISDN and analogue lines

Full list

Full support of traditional lines using SIP gateways (FXO and ISDN)

Outbound CLI (Caller Line Identification)

Supports Multiple Subscriber Number (MSN)

Supports up to 30 Basic Rate Interface (BRI)

Supports up to 4 Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

Supports multiple analogue lines

Call recording available on single or multiple lines

Auto-responder (IVR)

Full list

Play static .wav files

Play audio files in loop

Navigation to branch of IVR tree

Navigation to root of IVR tree

Type of user input determined by characters (# or *)

Type of user input by time lapse from the last key entered

Static forward to new node

Static forward to another phone system (user groups, voicemails, etc.)

Dynamic forward on user input

Select tree navigation based on incoming phone number

Unlimited function modes

Unlimited number of leaf nodes

Integration with 3rd party software

PBX reporting and call analysis

Full list

The system can generate the following reports:

  • Outgoing and incoming calls
  • Voicemails
  • Calls recorded
  • Full call analysis: date, time, duration, source, destination
  • Full diagnostics for each call

The system can also produce analysis of:

  • Gateway traffic (in and out)
  • Calls by hunt group
  • Calls by user (single or by department)
  • Calls to or from phonebook contacts
  • Calls to IVR
  • Calls to Voicemail

Reports and analysis can be:

  • exported in .csv or HTML format
  • saved for future use through templates
  • sent via email at regular intervals: daily, weekly, monthly

Shared phonebook

Full list

Company phonebook

Public contacts that can be edited by all users

Public contacts that cannot be edited

Private contacts

Upload phonebook contacts from .csv file

Download contacts from phonebook as .csv file

LCR (Least Cost Routing)

Full list

Outbound call routing based on customisable timetables

Load balancing between carriers

Call routing that is completely transparent to the end user

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