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All the tools to integrate your software

VOIspeed API integration

With VOIspeed you can connect the phone system with any bespoke software you use in your company to generate the reports you need, make phone calls or simply pop-up your clients’ details when a new call arrives. As an example of what is possible, see the integration with Reviso accounting software.  Please do not hesitate to contact Giuseppe Venturini to discuss your requirements.

Integration with UI

Services available as standard with the Graphical User Interface (GUI):

  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook allowing the use of a contact list as a phonebook thanks to a “click to dial” function from any contact. Furthermore, a contact form will pop-up on a new incoming call.
  • “Hot dial” enabling a user to highlight any number on the PC (e.g. from a web page, or MS Office document), press a combination of keys (e.g. CTRL + F10) and dial the number.
  • VOIspeed GUI can also be integrated with a third party script to make a call, put it on old or transfer it.  In addition, the GUI can communicate with an external software and verify events (such as the opening and closure of a call) passing data for further processing.

For more technical information please click here

Inbound call routing

With VOIspeed Ucloud you can create alternative routing rules for inbound numbers based on the caller ID of the incoming call.

Furthermore, the management of incoming calls via the IVR is enriched by a specific event that allows to launch an external scripts based on a user’s action to modify dynamically the way each call is routed. For example it is possible to:

  • Validate the user input to give access to dedicated or protected services.
  • Transfer the call to a different element of the PBX based on the input keyed in by the user.
  • Capture user input to update an external database.
  • Dynamically update the behaviour of an IVR node to modify call routing in real time.

Advanced tools

Available to developers is an explanation of all commands used by VOIspeed to manage its internal MySQL database. Thanks to this documentation system integrators can:

  • Analyse the status of the pbx at any point in time creating, for example, tools to monitore the phone system.
  • Process data saved by the PBX to obtain personalised reports.
  • Send commands to the PBX to manage calls or update PBX data (e.g. users, groups, gateways, etc.).

Download the documentation here.