How to use VOIspeed


Remote Support

Click on this button to download SOS.Splashtop.  Please pass on your 9 digit Splashtop code to the VOIspeed engineer for remote support.

Web Interface

Simply click on this button and sign in to your new VOIspeed User Interface via Google Chrome, useful if you have a Mac or want to use the software on your browser as opposed to the full Windows application.

Print Quick Guide

Print the quick guide to the new VOIspeed User Interface here.

Knowledge Base

Click here to access the knowledge base of ‘How to’ posts

At VOIspeed we aim to train and inform our resellers and end users via webinars, training sessions, quick guides and “how to” posts in our knowledge base so that everyone is proficient in the software.


When there is a technical issue however, our  well-trained engineers are ready to respond via our ticketing system, which you can access by emailing


The engineers will address your issue/ticket online or call you if they need to access your computer remotely, and you will need to click on the ‘Remote Support’ button below, and provide a Splashtop nine digit session code to pass on to the engineer.

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