The VOIspeed switchboard uses e-mails to send information relating to its activities: for example for communicating the credentials of new users and sending messages from company voice boxes (voicemail).

In this section, it is possible to verify the correct sending of e-mails by the PBX. In the Cloud environment, the PBX relies on an e-mail server in default and non-configurable SMTP output.

By accessing the E-mail Monitoring menu, you can view a list of e-mails currently managed by the switchboard.

The information displayed in this interface is:

Recipient   Contains the user and/or recipient email address of the email sent.
Subject Contains the subject of the email sent:

  • in the case of mail for voicemail, the standard object is “New message from Sender_Name “
  • in the case of mails sent for the notification of account data, the standard object is “VOIspeed user account”
Attached This column shows icons related to the type of attachment and with the following functions:

  • Attachment Mail in the mail, there is an attached voicemail message (wav file). Click on the Icon to listen to it.
  • Download Messageyou can download the message (wav file) or other file attached. Click on the icon to download the file locally.
  • Error Mailthe sending email tried to load an attachment but the operation failed. If you place your mouse over the icon a toolbox will appear with information about the problem.
Status In this column it is possible to check the status of the emails sent according to the following colour code:

  • GREEN: sent correctly
  • ORANGE : waiting to be sent
  • RED :  not sent correctly

You can click on the colour icon to try sending the email again.

Last send time This column shows the date and time of the last attempt to send the email.
Attempts Number of attempts to send by email.
Actions The Icon allows you to open the detail of sending the email with the information related to content, sender, recipient and attachment. The lets you delete the message.

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