VOIspeed – Company Setup

VOIspeed – Company Setup

To configure the Company, go to Settings –> Companies node.
The Company management tab allows you to view all active companies on the server. You can see the company name; domain name; state of the company; upgrade expiry time and number of users. You can search company by entering the company name.

See the possible stats for a company below:

Company Shows the name of the company.
Domain Shows the domain of the company
State Shows the state of the company (green indicates that company is active).
Upgrade Expire time Shows when the company license is expiring.
No. of users In-dictates how many users have been assigned and how many users can be assigned (depends on license).

VOIspeed 6 has introduced a great feature: the ability to manage an unlimited number of companies, allowing you to install different companies on single computer.

The Super-administrator are able to manage the whole PBX and can create or set capabilities for both Administrators and Users for any company. Administrators and users are instead company-specific as they are only able to see entities (e.g. groups, IVR, users, etc.) belonging to their company.

To configure the first company you need to log in as a super administrator and you can do this by using the default user name and password created at the time of installation.

Username: super
Password: voispeed

NOTE: It is extremely important to change the default password the first time you access the PBX. As a general note make sure all username and passwords entered are not easy to predict (i.e. do not use extension numbers, name of users or any string previously used in the configuration of the phone server.

To manage the company go to Settings –>Companies.

To add a company click on add company icon, and a form will pop up to enter the license code.
Required Information: License Code, Domain, Country Code and Country Code.

Please see the parameters below:

  • Code License: Enter the license code for the operation of the current PBX.
  • Domain: Enter the domain name in the domain field which will be used to configure the SIP devices.
  • Country Code: Enter the code here that is used to identify the country code (e.g. 44 for UK, 39 for Italy).
  • International dialling code: Enter 00 in the international dialling code field.
  • NDD (National Direct Dialling): Enter the code here that is used to make local calls within a country. In UK you need to enter 0 because local numbers are dialled with prefix 0 e.g. 01727 848186. While in Italy NDD is not used so you can leave this blank.
  • URL script integration:Allows you to specify the path for the script that will be executed.
  • Default folder: You can specify a folder path manually which can be either a local path to the server or remote path (e.g., network drives, NAS, etc.). This folder contains all the files (e.g. audio files).

You can also manage business numbers and company departments from the information page of the company.

You can put users in relevant departments and then users will be displayed in the GUI according to the departments they belong to.


You can change the following settings (such as Audio file, SMTP server) by clicking on the icon :

Media Format None: no music is played during hold.

Default Music: default audio file will be played during hold.

File: plays the uploaded wave file (8kHz, 16bit, mono) and you can upload the file in the “Select on hold music” field.

Select on hold music Allows you to upload the audio file from a folder on the server or select the file from the available files on server. You can upload the file by clicking on the upload file button   or you can select the file by clicking on the select file button, and you can also delete the file by clicking on the delete button.
Call Pick Allows you to activate the call pick up feature. You can select the options from Always, Never or Only in the group. If the feature always is selected then call can be picked up by all users available on the server, yet if only in is selected then only the users of the group can pick up the call.
SMTP Server You can define the SMTP server parameters here if you want to receive notifications from the server by email. You need to put in the host name, user name and password to activate email on the SMTP server.

The super administrator of the PBX can also change the SMTP section (SMTP is used for sending mails and voicemails to the users), SMTP section is also editable by the administrator. You can change the following settings by clicking on the edit icon:

SMTP hostname: SMTP host IP address or the domain name which is used for sending the notifications.
SMTP port: SMTP port which is used by the SMTP server.
Sender email address: Email address of the sender from which the email is sent to the users.
Secure connection: You can select the secure connection from SSL to TSL.
SMTP authentication: You can select the authentication type for the SMTP from the drop down list (e.g. None, Digest, CRAM-MD5, LOGIN, NTLM, PLAIN, Basic). We suggest you speak to your SMTP provider for more information before setting the authentication type.
SMTP diagnostics enabled: If it is set to enable then the PBX stores the sent email including any voicemail attachment in the server /mailer folder. Note: you must use this option only for testing and debugging purposes. If you leave it enabled then phone server machine hard disc space can easily run out if, for example, there is a problem with the SMTP server.
Test email: Allows you to test whether the SMTP server is working or not by specifying an email address in the pop up window. If the email is sent successfully then you receive a ‘successful’ message, alternatively, an error message is displayed.
Username & Password: Username and password is used by the PBX  if you set the SMTP authentication to login.

As an administrator you can select the call pick up options for the users of the company.

Call pick-up (internal extension): If it set to “Never” then the VOIspeed PBX does not allow the users to pick up the call for internal extensions. If selected to “Always” the users of the PBX will always be able to pick up the call from any internal ring.
Call pick-up (general): If selected to “Only within-group” then the VOIspeed PBX only allows those users that are part of the same ringing group to pick up the call.

The IP phones allow users to pick up calls with a service code which can also be programmed on phones. The IP phones user can not see the status of the parked calls, therefore, if users are picking up call from IP phones then they will always be able to pick up the first parked call, as all parked calls are queued in sequence.

Service numbers

  • Services menu: Service menu code allows you to access the VOIspeed service menu.  You can set the service menu code here which must precede with the identification codes of each following services.
  • Voicemail preference: Voicemail Management Code allows you to manage the users voicemail from the IP phone.
  • Set user-mode code: It allows you to handle the user state from the IP phone.
  • Audio testing: It allows you to run the audio loopback test.
  • Leave vocal message: It allows you to leave a voice message for the user. You can leave the message by calling the complete code which consists of: “Services menu code+ Leave vocal message code +Extension number of the user.  For example, if you want to leave a voice message to the user (ext 360) then you need to dial the 787 360 from the IP phone.
  • Set call options: Allows the user to set actions for incoming calls by dialling the service code number. Users can set the same actions that are set from the GUI.Below are the actions that the user can set:
    • To activate voicemail
    • To divert calls
    • To restore default settings


Domain is a new feature with VOIspeed 6. Domain helps identify the SIP account of the user within the company. With VOIspeed 6 the PBX requires the user address in the following format [ext] @ [domain] for the authentication process. The PBX differentiates the users from different companies by the domain name even if they have the same extension (i.e. 23@example.com and 33@example.com).

You can assign a fictitious name for the domain but the names must be different for each Company. You have to specify the domain parameter while configuring the GUI and hardware devices (adapters, phones, etc.). The PBX will reject the authentication of the device if the domain parameter is wrong and consequently the user will not be able to log in.

Example: See below examples of configuring various devices using domain name. We assume the user is Ext 34, with Server IP address and the domain name is example.com.

Type Parameters Example Syntax
V-IP6060 Phone Address

SIP Server


V-IP400P Phone Register Server Address

Domain Realm


IP Telephones and
GrandStream ATA
SIP server

Outbound proxy


V-6016 FXS Adapter SIP server

Outbound proxy


V-6019 FXO Adapter SIP server

Outbound proxy

Dev.Forced vs. this num SIP (xxx = dialed number in the routing rule)


The call park feature allows the user to park an active call which can be retrieved from any user in the office. These parked calls are displayed under the Call parking line monitoring section at the PBX. Users can see the parked calls from their VOIspeed GUI or from IP phones (which have BLF functionality).

You can see the list of available parking lines by going to Settings –> Company. You can create new parking line by clicking on the Add block of lines icon . Once you create new line then any existing line will be replaced by the new line.

The wizard allows you to specify the following parameters:

Code base line: An identification of code base (e.g. *6) which represents the base of individual code of each line (e.g. if you select *6 as code base then first parking line code will be *601 and second parking line code will be *602).

Number of lines: Select the number of lines based on the traffic you are expecting.

The wizard automatically creates the list of parking lines based on the number of lines selected while creating new parking lines. (e.g. if you select 5 lines then the wizard will create parking lines as *601,*602,*603,*604 and *605).

The call parking code must be used to park and retrieve the calls from the phone.


You can create a new department in the company department section by clicking on Add a new number icon 

After creating the department you can assign users to the relevant department. All users will be visible in GUI by department.

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