Phone System + CRM + Accounting

Everything you need to run your business

VOIspeed UCloud PBX

Exceptional cloud telephone system for a small business
Introducing the only Cloud telephony solution that allows you to use any type of line and phone, with outstanding services designed to raise productivity in your business.

VOIspeed UCloud User Interface (UI) is multi-platform which means you can manage the services on different devices: laptop / tablet / mobile at the same time with the smartphone becoming your office extension.


VOIspeed UCloud CRM

Organise your sales activity, collaborate with your colleagues more effectively and track the sales pipeline at a glance!
With the additional CRM functions of VOIspeed UCloud you can build and access client data via your business telephone system, and enrich all contact information from your mobile or laptop with personalised notes when using the UCloud User Interface.
The CRM functions of VOIspeed UCloud allow you to analyse the call report and manage your diary more effectively using a single platform.

Reviso Accounting

A powerful cloud platform where a small business can easily exchange information and collaborate with their accountant.
Call your clients and suppliers at a click from your accounting software. Also, see who is calling you and greet them by name when a new phone call arrives. Add useful notes to a contact in the database like outstanding invoices, payment details or agreed credit terms.
Run useful reports with in depth information on each phone call, like average duration, arrival time or numbers called.
By integrating with VOIspeed with Reviso you can record a call, use your mobile phone as an extension or setup a conference call. All these tasks can be done effortlessly without having to run multiple software systems.