Groups and Departments

You can access the all departments on the GUI by clicking on the group icon VOI users title at the top left corner of the GUI. The GUI displays the users according to the departments assigned to them by the administrator. You can also see the status of the users:

This section displays all the uses of local PBX and remotely connected PBX via WAN route over the internet. On the left you can see the available PBXs and departments belong to them. You can see the users in each department by clicking on the department icon. When you start-up the GUI it automatically downloads departments from the PBX. If  you have not assigned a department to user then the user will be displayed under the ‘no department’ section. You can manage departments via the dedicated toolbar displayed below, displaying the name of the selected PBX and department.


The GUI enables you to create your own customised groups where you can add users (e.g. the users you call most often) from different departments. To create a new group on the GUI click, on the ‘go back’ icon gui button back rom the toolbar section and then click on ‘add new group’ icon gui button add and enter a name for the new group.

You can add users to custom groups by selecting users from the department and then clicking on copy selected users to the group icon gui button copy user.After clicking on selected user icon you will see a list of custom groups – then select the desired destination group.

To delete a custom group, click on the go back icon gui button back to go to main page of the departments on the GUI. Select the group icon or user icon depending upon what you want to delete and then click delete on the selected user or group icon gui button trash.

To change the name of the custom group select the desired custom group and then click on the Rename group icon gui button edit.

Note: Once the custom group is deleted then all the users belong to custom group will be deleted yet the users of the default group remain.

If you would like to find out more information or find help on other can find the VOIspeed Support Page by following the link.

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