Do Overseas Customers Pay When Calling UK Office?

Well, the short answer is yes unless you have an international number in their own Country.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I receive many calls from people in a certain Country (Italy for example)?
  • Do I make many calls to the same Country?
  • Do I work remotely from that Country often?

If the answer is yes to all these questions, then perhaps it may be more cost effective to have an international number in that Country too. In simple terms, if you have an international number, all calls will be free for you as the new number can be connected to your phone system and free for your clients if included in their bundle. You could also consider having a toll-free number like an 0800 in the UK.

Therefore, the way I would go about it would be to display the international number in all my outbound calls to that Country (Italy for example) and when my clients are calling back, they would call the same Italian number. Perhaps, I could even have a shorter conversation to arrange an appointment, for example, followed by a longer call on the international number.  This should make your customers happier than having to make an international call of unknow duration. If more people are needed on the call, you could even propose a conference at a certain time and date when they would all be calling the same international number.

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