Firewall ports to open for VOIspeed 6

You need to open the Firewall ports on your router to allow the traffic to PBX in case if you are logging remotely, accessing web interface of the server remotely or creating WAN route between two servers.

Following devices require firewall ports opened:

  •  SIP devices,
  •  HTML5 GUI
  •  Windows GUI

Firewall ports are listed below for the proper functioning of VOIspeed 6:

  • UDP 5004 to 6000
  • UDP and TCP 5061 to 5064
  • UDP and TCP 3543
  • TCP 3542


Type Ports  Description
VoIP 5004-5060 UDP 5060 is used for registration and UDP 5004 to 5069 are used for RTP streams (voice).
GUI Windows 5063 and 3543 UDP and TCP 5063 and 3543
GUI HTML5  5064 and 3542 UDP and TCP 5064. TCP 3542.
WAN 5061-5062 5061 and 5062 for both UDP and TCP and UDP range from 5004-5064.
HTTP PBX interface 3542 + 3543 TCP 3542 for WEB admin and TCP 3543 for Apache/PBX.

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