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This section displays the status of the gateways, i.e. the resources used to make and receive calls. In the Gateway monitoring table each line represents the status of a gateway.

The data shown in the table is as follows:

Type VoIP,  ISDN, Analogue Line, ISDN, GSM
Name Name (description) we entered when creating the gateway
Remote IP The IP address and port assigned to the gateway
Realm Realm of the authentication server. Important: in the case of a VoIP account, this field shows the value of the Realm EXPECTED by the operator (this value is in fact extracted from the packets sent by the operator in response to the PBX Register SIP request. If the gateway does not register, check to have entered this same string in the Realm field of the account configuration (Menu Configurations -> Gateway).
Lines Indicates how many lines you are occupying over those available.
Status Shows whether the login performed by the PBX to the gateway was successful ( but green) or not ( but gray)
Enabled Indicates if you have enabled the gateway or not.
Show Diagnostics Pressing on the button it diag is possible to directly access the diagnostics of the gateway in the diagnostic section

The monitoring page is static by default activate the automatic update (every 2 seconds) click on the button refresh32-on(initially grey) at the top of the page.

If you need any help please call our tech support number at 01727 238552.

If you would like to find out more information or find help on other can find the VOIspeed Support Page by following the link.

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