GDPR Panel – data portability

In this article we will see how it is possible to guarantee the data portability and the right to be forgotten on all data stored in the VOIspeed PBX.

In the section Configuration–>GDPR, selecting the item Data Portability it is possible to recover all data stored by the phone system about a user or phone number that has interacted with the phone system in compliance with GDPR regulations (i.e. EU Regulation 2016/679 – art. 20).

Let’s see in detail what is possible to do in this section:

  1. Type of contact: here you can choose whether the search on the data should be on a user or an external phone number;
  2. Select user / External number: based on the selection of the parameter above, here you can select the user or the external number;
  3. Erase data: by selecting this flag, all data related to the contact will be erased after being exported. Data cancellation will be performed in compliance with the reporting settings selected in the GDPR panel.
    See here for more information: GDPR Panel – reporting)

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