GDPR Panel – permissions

In this article we will see how it is possible to personalise all permissions related to users accounts.

In the section Configuration–>GDPR, selecting the item Permissions it is possible to personalise the behaviour of the VOIspeed telephone system with regard to the management of all users passwords; as of users password we only mean the passwords required to access Ucloud UI or VOIspeed GUI. These passwords protect the account to activate the software allowing it to manage, among other things, own personal data (reports and recordings of own phone calls report) and the information exchanged with the collaboration and sharing tolls available with VOIspeed (i.e. Chat, SMS, file transfer).

Let see in detail the information that can be customised :

  1. Password update with the first login: when this option is enabled, all users accessing the UI for the first time (when the software installed for the first time or following a new software installation after an hardware change) will need to change their password from the one given to them by the system administrator. When this option is disabled, this important security option will not be available.
    The option is enabled by default.
  2. Password complexity: by modifying this setting it will be possible to decide the complexity level of each user’s password.
    The default value is 8 alphanumeric characters.
  3. Validity time of each password: with this parameter you can decide whether user’s account passwords should expire or not and if they do how long they should last. When the password expires the user will be asked to reset it through a WEB application that is integrated to VOIspeed that can be accessed directly from the UI of Ucloud or VOIspeed GUI. The new password cannot be the same as the old one and the default time to change it is 3 months.

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