GDPR Panel – reporting

In this article we show the setting required to personalise how call reporting and call recordings are displayed.

In the section Configuration–>GDPR, selecting the option Reports it is possible to change the behaviour of the system with regard to the time sensitive data is stored within the calls reports. We would like to remind that in compliance with the EU Regulation 2016/679 – art. 25 the Data Processor must define a period of time during which data is stored and processed within the system. Provided the action required is lawful, in this section you can set how calls are recorded and how long they can be stored in the system.

Let’s see in detail the settings that can be personalised:

  1. Reporting data storage: this parameter will modify the storage time for data to be kept in the system with regard to the call report. All calls older than the time set are removed automatically by the system.
    The default value is 6 months.
  2. Call recording: modifying this setting you can enable automatic recording of all calls, based on the routing rules entered. When this setting is enabled, in the panel also the option Enable Recording where it is possible to personalise the routing rules where recording is enabled.The default value is NO.
  3. Storing call recordings: this parameter will influence the time call recordings are stored by the system. All calls older than this setting are removed automatically by the system.
    The default value is 6 months.

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