Gigaset dect N300 IP base station setup

Follow the steps below to configure dect N300 IP:

  •  Connect the Gigaset base with power supply and Ethernet cable provided.
  •  As a factory default settings it will request the IP address from your DHCP server so please make sure you have DHCP server enabled.
  •  To login and configure through web interface go to or enter the IP address into the browser.
  • The default pin to access the Gigaset device is 0000

Go to Settings –> Telephony –> Connections and click Edit button and enter details as below:

Gigaset dect N300

  • Connection name = Name of the user for identification purpose Authentication name = Username
  • Authentication password = User password
  • Username = Extension number of the user
  • Display name = Name/Number you would like to display on phone screen
  • Domain = Domain name of V6 PBX
  • Proxy server address = IP address of PBX
  • Proxy server port = 5060
  • Registration server = IP address of PBX
  • Registration server port = 5060
  • Registration refresh time = 60

Settings –> Telephony –> Audio –> Mark items on the right 

You are intend to use the table on the left and move all aplicable codecs with an arrow to the left side.
A codec names which have to be added are visible on the picture.

Synchronisation –> Registering the handset

You must register the handset on both the handset and the base

On the handset:

  • Start the registration procedure in accordance with the handset user guide.
  • A message will appear on the display stating that the handset is searching for a base that is ready for registration

On the base:

  • Press and hold the registration/paging key on the base (approx. 3 seconds) within 60 seconds. Once the handset has located the base, you will be asked to enter the base’s system PIN.
  • Enter the four-digit system PIN for your base on the handset (default 0000).

Once registration is complete, the handset returns to idle status. The handset’s internal number is shown in the display, e.g, INT1.If not ,repeat the procedure.

Settings –> Telephony –> Dialling Plans

You will need two dial plans for a handset one for internal and another for external calls.

For external calls you can simply add 0 under phone number option and route the call using the connection you want.

For internal calls if your internal extension range starts with 4 then you will need to assign 4 under dial plan.

Settings –> Telephony –> Number Assignment (when you have more one handset)

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