This new Hot-Desking feature enables any user to link their extension number to a phone. We explain here how to manage devices (phones) with hot-desking functionality.

The hot-desking device is a device whose association with a certain extension occurs only on-demand. When it is not linked to any extension, the device is connected to the phone system but cannot receive/make calls (except for emergency numbers).

The hot-desking device can be used in all those scenarios in which the user-device association doesn’t have to be fixed over time (co-working spaces, call centres with stations, in turn, training rooms). Like all other devices, even those of the hot-desking type are visible and can be updated from the device table (see How to manage the user devices in VOIspeed UCloud).

To add a new hot-desking device, simply access this page and click the button to create a new generic device. In the screen that opens:

  • Device type: select the item Hot-desking. In this way an additional setting will appear immediately below to define the time of association to a default user;
  • Association expiration: allows you to specify a period of association of the device defaults to a user. This comes into play from the moment the device is associated with a user (see the following paragraph HOW TO ASSOCIATE A HOT DESKING device TO A USER) . It allows you to set security times to prevent a device from remaining associated beyond maximum times to a certain user. 


There are two ways of doing this: 

  1. on the section of the devices visible from the UI it is sufficient to click on the ‘+’ button (which can be enabled / disabled from the Settings–> Appearance section). A message will appear containing the service number to be typed on the device for it to be associated with the user in question. When you want to disable the device (because you have completed the use and do not want to leave a device free to make calls to your name) simply click with the right mouse button on the corresponding device icon from your UI;
  2. directly from the phone: in this case, you will already have to know the number to call (service number 980 followed by the user PIN). To disassociate the device it will be sufficient to re-enter the same service number.


If you would like to see a video of how Hot-Desking works please click here.

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