Import phonebook to Polycom V-6060

To import the address/ phonebook book you will need the files below: V6060

Configure TFTP server and configuration file for the address book:

After installing the TFTP server and downloading a configuration file, you can start adding the contact details that you want to import to the Phone.

The first thing you must do is to rename the file with the MAC address of the “V6060 Phone” which is used to import the contacts to the phone. For example if the MAC address of the phone is 0004568fghr789 then you must rename the file with 0004568fghr789-directory.xml. Open the file with text editor (e.g. Notepad++) and enter all the necessary contact details of the users such as name, surname, extension number etc. Save the fie and move it to the root folder of TFTP server (default path is C:\TFTP-Root).

Configure V6060:

To import the address book you will need to access the web interface of the phone. Once you enter the web interface then go to SettingsServer Provisioning and select TFTP from the Server Type drop down field.

Enter the IP address of the PC in the Server Address field where TFTP server is running.

Leave all other fields to default.

Click on the Save button and then the phone will restart and upload the contacts in the configuration file on the Polycom phone.

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