How To Make A Call On The UI in V4

You can make a call from the General User Interface (GUI) in VOIspeed V4 by double clicking on the desired contact which could be an internal user or a contact from the address book. If you want to call the user of the PBX then user must be available! (i.e. green border).

To call an additional number for the user (mobile, home etc.) just right click on the user icon and then double click on the number.

You can also call the number from the phone book using the search section of the GUI.


You can call an external number by dialing directly from the interface of the GUI (Text field at the call panel).
You can dial the number by placing the mouse cursor inside the text box and typing the number in the text box field. Once you insert the number you can connect the number either by pressing enter key from keyboard or clicking on call button GUI button call.

Note: The numeric keypad on the user agent can also be used for the composition of tones when navigating IVRs.

If you would like to find out more information or find help on other subjects, you can find the VOIspeed Support Page by following the link.


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