Managing Your UI Presence & Do Not Disturb Feature

Manage your User Interface presence and your time by opening the drop-down menu of the UI in line with the coloured ring to the right of and below the user avatar, and select the desired status:

Available Icon Logs in to the phone system and activates the UI.
Do not Disturb Icon Prevents calls from arriving at the extension.
(However, you can continue to use messaging and file transfer functions)
Absent Icon Blocks calls from/for other extensions.
Divert Icon Activates diverted status.
Logout Icon Logs out from the phone system and deactivates the UI.

Call routing on Do Not Disturb

By clicking on the Setting icon highlighted next to your name you can manage the calls if busy or on “Do not Disturb” to your voicemail or to another extension, perhaps a colleague in the same team.

Difference between Absent and Do not Disturb status

The two statuses differ in managing calls from the phone system.  Please note that when the call arrives for a group of users and they are all on “Do Not Disturb”,.the group would appear engaged.

  • Do Not Disturb (DND): the phone system’s extension is unavailable but outbound calls can be made.
  • Absent: the phone sytem’s extension is unreachable and outbound calls cannot be made.

If all users were using the status “Absent” instead the group would appear unreachable, and the person calling may think the phone system isn’t working!

We suggest therefore that you set your extension to DND when away from the workstation temporarily and use the Absent status if away for longer periods.  You can set “Absent status set on logout” too.

User Interface Status Phrase

You can edit the Status Phrase by clicking the text box next to your profile picture and User Interface Status. this is just a short sentence or phrase to let colleagues know if you are in a meeting or ready and available to help.

Alongside help on the User Interface Status, the VOIspeed Support page contains many useful pages for navigating VOIspeed’s UI.

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