Monitoring Calls

To monitor calls, go to Monitoring –> Calls monitor node.

The Calls Monitor tab allows you to monitor the status of active calls. You can see the company name; date/start time of the call; calling; called; connected; media and state of the call.

See below for the possible stats for a user in the Calls Monitor:

Company Shows the name of the company.
Date/Start time Shows the date and start time of the call.
Calling Shows the calling party number.
Called Shows the called party number.
Connected Shows the name of the calling party gateway.
Media Shows the connected media of calling party (e.g. phone, headset).
State Orange LED indicates that the phone is ringing.

Red LED indicates that the call is active.

Grey Led indicates that the call is either beginning or ending.


By clicking on the diagnostic icon  you can go directly to the diagnostic section on the gateway page.

You can close the call by clicking on close icon .

You can search for details of the call by clicking on search icon .


The Call monitoring page provides you with advanced search which allow you to filter active calls based on their status. For example, if you wish to see current diverted calls then you can select divert from the drop down field, then only diverted calls will be displayed in the call monitoring page.

Below are the possible options that you can filter out in the advanced search field:

  • Idle
  • Incoming
  • Calling
  • Enabled
  • Diverted
  • Being picked up
  • Rejected
  • Closing
  • Closed

By default call monitoring page is set to static and it does not refresh by itself. However if you want the call monitoring page to be refreshed automatically then you can enable auto refresh by clicking on the auto refresh icon . Once auto refresh is enabled then you can disable it by clicking on the auto refresh icon  again .

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