Monitoring E-mail

Email Monitoring allows you to check the correct delivery of mail system (Whether the voicemail to email has been delivered successfully or not). Voicemail to email operation is performed by the web configuration automatically and asynchronously to PBX.

To monitor the email go to Monitoring –> Synchronization.

See the parameters below:

Field Description
Recipient Shows the recipient e-mail address.
Subject Shows the subject of an e-mail sent: Standard subject message (New message from “followed by” phone number “) is used in the case of voicemail to e-mail service.
Attach Shows the icons which reflect the type of an attachment file. Following attachment icons are:

  • Indicates that there was a voice message in the e-mail attachment.
  •  Indicates that you can download the attached voice message. You can download it by clicking on the download icon.
  • Indicates that an error occurred while trying to send an email as voice attachment.  You can see the error message by positioning the cursor over the error icon with the mouse.
Status  Shows the status of sent email, status is differentiated by the different colours of the symbol. See below for the possible stats:

  • Green: Indicates e-mail sent successfully.
  • Yellow / orange:  Indicates e-mail waiting to be sent.
  • Red: Indicates an error occurred and e-mail was not sent.

You can try sending the message by clicking on the yellow/orange or red icon.

In the event of failing to send an e-mail, you can look at the diagnostic to debug the problem. You can also see the full format of sent e-mail by going to Toolbox –> Files.

Last Send time  Shows the date and time of the attempt to send an e-mail.
Attempts  Shows the number of attempts to send an e-mail.
Actions  You can see the details (e.g. content, sender, recipient and attachment) of sent e-mail by clicking on the action icon.

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