Monitoring System

At its launch, the system proceeds with the initialization of a set of interfaces required for its operation and functioning of the communication and management of the entities configured in it.

Monitoring the System section keeps track of information on proper initialization of the basic interfaces of the PBX.

You can see the PBX starting date and time with version and Public IP address of the server.

The following provides information about the state of the individual interfaces and with a quick link to the types of diagnosis to check for any problems.

Field Description
PBX starting date and time Shows the date and time of when the PBX was started.
PBX version Shows the version of the PBX.
Public IP Shows the public IP of the phone server.
System Maintenance mode Shows whether the PBX is in maintenance mode or not.
Last Keep alive Shows the time of the last communication between the PBX service and Web configuration. Web configuration communicates with PBX service every 10 seconds and when it doesn’t get a reply from the PBX service it sets the PBX status to Block mode.
Interface Shows the list of interfaces available on the PBX (e.g. HTML GUI, GUI, SIP phone, WAN etc.)
Socket details Shows the IP addresses of the interfaces with the ports they are associated with.
Status Shows the status of the interface connected to the PBX. (Green LED indicates that the interface is enabled).

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