New UI Features 1.0.14

New UI Features 1.0.14

VOIspeed’s continual improvement process with new UI features consistently provides you with a high-level user experience.

New team communication tools

Communicating with your team has become quicker and easier than ever! Now any user can start a chat or video conference , schedule a meeting and share their activities with their team at a click!

Start a video call or meeting from chat

Now you can organise a videoconference meeting from an existing chat! Simply open the chat and click on the camera icon to start an immediate meeting or on the calendar icon to schedule it.

Schedule repeat events

Meeting applicants? Don’t waste time creating multiple identical events! Now you can schedule repeat activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Setting the status in “do not disturb” in video call

When you start a video call, the system will automatically change your status to “do not disturb” and set it to “free” when it is finished. This way you no longer have to worry about distractions during a meeting.

New waiting room for videoconferencing

Before logging into your video call or a videoconference, you can choose your audio and video devices from a dedicated page.

Call Statistics TAB

In the Call log section you can display a dashboard with the statistics of calls handled in the period and for the type set in the relative filters and download the list of your calls in .csv.

Alongside help on the User Interface Status, the VOIspeed Support page contains many useful pages for navigating VOIspeed’s UI.

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