PBX Installation

The setup file installs all of the necessary components for proper PBX Installation of the VOIspeed 6 PBX.

Starting with version 6.3, in addition to being installed and initialized the database, the Web server and the PBX service, you have to select MYSQL DB and all the details required to connect to DB in case it is not selected by default . You must have administrator right on the PC before you start installing the set up files. The setup of the Server VOIspeed 6 deals with the following streams :

  • Request for information (type DB, DB_Login, DB_HOST, etc.)
  • PBX Installation Service
  • Installation of the DB Engine “Codebase”
  • Installation of the Web configuration
  • Installation of the Apache Web Server
  • Installation of the MySQL Server (If you have chosen the latter as DB)
  • Installation of the PHP scripts for the Web configuration

The minimum system requirements are:

Processor: Dual core,
Memory: 2GB RAM,
Hard Disk: 250GB or higher
OS: Windows XP or above (except Windows 8)

It is advisable to use a system with a RAID controller and dual HDD for superior reliability of the machine.

After installation, to access the PBX for the first time, double click the icon that appears in the system tray at the Windows Server Icon Server Icon.

Note: For the initial configuration of the PBX simply follow the order of the pages of manual.

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