Platronics D100 – How to Guide

In order to use your wireless Platronics properly with VOIspeed you will need to follow the below instructions.


GUI / Agent
Platronics D100 Driver

1)Install the 6.5.19 GUI Install (making sure you also check when prompted to install the User Agent)

2) Plug in the USB dongle into an available USB slot. It will then install the windows drivers (incorrect ones) as default

3) Right click “My computer” & click on “Device manager”, under “Sound,video & game controllers” right click on “Platronics D100” & click Uninstall

4) Remove the USB dongle from the USB slot

5) Install the Platronics D100 Driver (link is listed above)

6) Once the new drivers are installed, put the dongle back into the USB socket

7) Launch the user agent & enter the correct credentials (varies depending on the users extension & username)

8)The device should be connected & registered

The next step is Registering the dongle with the headset

  1. Press the end button on the dongle (sticks out at the end) twice. This will make the dongle blink red and green (meaning your entering into pairing mode)
  2. On the headset,hold down the volume button for 3 seconds. Give it around 5-10 seconds and you should see the dongle turn to a solid green state (once paired properly)
  3. Launch the VOIspeed GUI & then login as normal (leaving the user agent running in the background) & then proceed to making a test call to an outbound number

Troubleshooting issues

If their is no sound, then quit all the applications (GUI & User agent, making sure no background processes are running such as agent.exe or voispeedgui.exe), disconnect the dongle.
Then re-enter the dongle, launch the user agent and validate the green light with the syncing (as shown above)

If the above doesn’t work, then proceed to reinstalling the drivers via the link at the top of this page by “Platronics”. What can happen is Windows replaces the correct drivers for it’s own.

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