Reset admin password of the Polycom V-6060

You can reset the administrator password of the Polycom V-6060 phone in case if you have lost the password.

Please follow the steps below:

  • Turn the Polycom phone off and turn it on.
  • While display of the phone is showing (“loading application”) press the “cancel” button on the phone.
  • Press and hold the 1357 buttons on the Polycom phone until you see the message “Reset the Password”.
  • Enter the MAC address of the phone as password.

Please note that while entering the MAC address of the phone, characters are not displayed on the screen so you have to press the corresponding buttons as many times depending on the letter( e.g. for letter f , you have to  press key “3” three times). To access the alphabet you have to press the first button twice on the top left hand corner (e.g.  a-> on the lower left corner of the phone  suggests that you are writing lowercase letters and  1 -> suggests that you are writing numbers).

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