Reviso Communication

Raise the standard of your business communication.
Monitor revenues and costs more efficiently.

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Capitalise on the best opportunity for cross-selling

A customer calls and you can see what they have bought beforehand, enabling you to identify new sales opportunities.

  • Does their software need to be upgraded?
  • Do they now need travel cover too? Perhaps they have just purchased a life insurance and talked about their holiday plans…

Provide a more personal service

Greet your customers by name when they call, even if you have a database with thousands of contacts.

Reduce payment cycle

A client calling has some outstanding invoices. Can you think of a better opportunity for the person taking the call to collect a credit card payment?


The client calling has some outstanding invoices so you can ask for a credit card payment during the conversation! By synchronising the list of contacts with Reviso in real time, when an existing customer or a supplier calls, a pop-up window will display relevant information about that contact. In addition, operators can click-to-call any contacts stored in Reviso accounting software.

By integrating with VOIspeed cloud telephony service, Reviso Communication allows you to record a call, use your mobile phone as an extension or setup a conference call. All these tasks can be done effortlessly without having to run multiple software systems. Also, you can produce reports on phone usage or simply see who is in the office today by viewing your User Interface.


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