How to search for a contact within the UI

To search for a contact within the UI, you can see them listed by name/photo by clicking this icon users_icon. Alternatively, from any tab in the UI in the left part of the screen below your profile is a search bar that you can use to search for Users within your UI and to make calls externally.

The UI will organise users by group or department. The departments created by the administrator will be automatically downloaded from the phone system when the UI starts. If a user does not reside in any department, VOIspeed will create the group ‘No department’.

You can also search for the user by typing the user name directly into the search bar at the top of the User page.

Also, you can search using the phone book by typing in any information about the contact you are trying to find, such as a first or last name or even a company name, number or email address.

Then you can filter your search results by selecting whether the details you entered should be in the name or surname or company name etc… (for a full breakdown of how to search within the Phone book please see this help page: How to Search for a Contact in the Phonebook )

Whether you need to make a quick call or find out an email address, VOIspeed’s UI can help.

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