Sennheiser Headset With Lifter Setup

Sennheiser Headset.

See the images to the right of how you should have the configuration of cables and where the lifter should be inserted onto the side of the Yealink IP phone

These below videos can help guide you in how to connect up your Sennheiser DW2 Headset to your Yealink VoIP Telephone:


Configuring the Lifter Video :

Once you have unmasked the sticky tape and applied it to the best position to the IP handset, the next step will be to setup the lifting mechanism. Hold the P1 & P2 button down at the same time (lights will turn blue) then to adjust the height simply press P1 to make the lifter go higher and P2 to go lower, once your happy with the confirmation then hold down both buttons to save the configuration

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