Set Audio levels on Polycom IP Phones V-IP6060/6070

According to the EU audio levels volume cap on each audio devices, after each call you make, phone reset the volume level to default audio level (default volume level is set to low) and as a result, every time you make a call you have to adjust the volume level too high from the phone.

You can set up the settings in the phone to use custom settings all the time so that phone does not reset the volume level by setting up the commands in the configuration file of the phone.

Follow the steps below:

  • Access the web interface of the phone and go to Utilities à  Import / Export Configuration.
  • Under the Export Configuration section, select “All configurations (except device settings)” and click on Export button.
  • Open the file you just downloaded and add the following lines in the section:

voice.volume.persist.headset = “1”(set the volume level high for the headphones connected to the phone).
voice.volume.persist.handset = “1” (set the volume level high for the handset).
voice.volume.persist.handsfree = “1” (set the volume level high for the speakerphone).

  • After saving the file, go back to the web interface of the phone and Utilities – > Import / Export Configuration.
  • Under the import section, browse the saved file by clicking on the choose file.button and then press the import button to import the updated file.

If you would like to find out more information or find help on other can find the VOIspeed Support Page by following the link.

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