UCloud – Meeting Rooms

UCloud Meeting Rooms (Settings -> Meeting rooms)

Meeting room invite

UCloud has introduced a great feature: the ability to manage a conference bridge by allowing the user to create a virtual meeting room from a single computer.

To access this hover on settings and click “Settings” on the drop-down.


Creating a new meeting room


Click on “Add a new meeting room”

Fill in the following fields:

  • Extension: extension number associated with the meeting room
  • Name: Name of the room
  • Time date Start / end: date of start and end time of the room
  • Activate: room activation status
  • Moderator: PBX user who moderates the meeting room
  • Template of meeting room invite: The voice note of the meeting room invite. Default or upload a .wav file

Press “OK”

The meeting room created can be found in the meeting room table. Click on the room created and it will take you to a general information page about the configuration set-up of this meeting room.

Change meeting room: Allows the user to modify the meeting room

Add participants: Allows the user to email the participants directly by email address input

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