UCloud – Timetables

UCloud Timetables (Settings -> Timetables)


UCloud has introduced a great feature called timetables : the ability to manage company opening and closing times by allowing the user to set timetables from a single computer.

To access this hover on settings and click “Settings” on the drop-down.


Adding a new Timetable


You can add a new timetable by clicking on the Add a new table button.

It will take you to a description page where you can enter its purpose.

Once created you can see it appear on as a table. This is where you can click the pencil symbol to modify it.

You will be taken to an information page where you can either Modify or Create a timetable.

Click on Create timetable. On this Create timetable page you will come across “Time rules” where you can configure the active times.


Configuring the timetable


Descriptions: Enter a description of the timetable

Start time and End time: Set active hours (Anything outside of this zone could possibly be affected by another timetable, so please be careful)

Days of the week:  Choose the days of the week in combination with the start and end time applied.

Advanced (calendar settings):

  • Date range: Set a date range of the active time.
  • Day/month/year: Set a specific day of the active time


N.B – This is can only be applied to a routing rule. Please see routing rules.

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