The voicemail report lists the voicemails received within a specified time frame.
To access this hover on ‘Reports Tab’ and click ‘Voicemails’ on the drop-down.

The voicemail list displays information on the Voicemail message, the date and time, duration, Author (caller) and Status (new or listened).
Each column can be sorted by clicking the arrow next to the column name. Under action clicking the icon will bring up more details about the message.

Voicemail Search

By default this displays voicemails received for the current day.
Clicking on the advanced search/active filter bar allows you to modify the settings of the list.

Data: Choose a specific time and date.

  • Today (Current day 00:00a.m – present)
  • Last week (Last 7 days)
  • Last month (Last calendar month, e.g. 15-Feb to 15 Mar)
  • Select time range (Specific time scale chosen by the user)


Voicemail: Choose a Voicemail message

Number: Choose a specific originating number

Status: Choose either new or listened to voicemails. Leave blank for both.

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