How to use V4 as a gateway of V6

 How to set up VOIspeed 4 to be used as a gateway to VOIspeed 6:

With VOIspeed 6 you can use the hardware resources (e.g. ISDN cards, and any SIP Gateway) connected to an existing VOIspeed 4 phone server.  You can configure VOIspeed 4 gateway by following the steps below:VOIspeed 4:

VOIspeed 4:

  1. Create a new user in VOIspeed 4 entering name, extension and password
  2. Activate the following advanced properties for the same user: “183 Progress”, “DTMF Notification” and “Half Frame Size”.
  3. Stop the PBX
  4. Open the file confPBX.ini in the main installation folder. Within the section [ISDNSettings] (add the label if not already present) add:
  5.  ForceDtmfDecoding=1
  6.  Close the file and restart the service
  7.  Go to Configuration à Settings and include a new mapping to route calls from the ISDN number to the new extension (e.g. 01727848186:87431 provided 87431 was the new extension just created and 01727848186 was the ISDN number)


Assuming that VOIspeed 4 has been installed and the business number is 01727848186, see the steps below:


Create a new user with the following data in VOIspeed 4:

  •          Name: Voispeed6
  •          Extension: 87431
  •          Username: voispeed6
  •          Password: user87431
  •          Enable progress 183: enabled
  •          Enable Notification DTMF: Enabled
  •          Use Halved Frame: Enabled

In VOIspeed 4 go to Configuration –> System –> Numbering create the following mapping:
01727848186: 87431

Update the confPBX.ini file as explained above.


Creare un nuovo gateway in VOIspeed 6:

1.       Create a new VoIP gateway in VOIspeed 6 with the same authentication details of the user created in VOIspeed 4. In particular:

a.       Company: select the company
b.      Name and description: enter the details to identify this gateway
c.       Type: VoIP
d.      Enabled: yes
e.       Proxy: the IP address of VOIspeed 4 phone server
f.        Domain: the IP address of VOIspeed 4 phone server
g.      SIP ID: it must be the same as the extension number of the new user in VOIspeed 4
h.       Authentication required: yes
i.         Realm: enter the keyword “voispeed”
j.         Username and Password: enter the same details of the new user created in VOIspeed 4
k.       Authentication period: 60

 Field  Description
 Company  Enter the company name (required if you are a super-administrator)
 Name and Description  Enter a name and description for the connection
 Type  VoIP
 Lines:  Select the number of lines available through this gateway
 Enabled:  Yes
 Proxy:  Enter the IP address of VOIspeed 4 phone server
 Domain:  Enter the IP address of VOIspeed 4 phone server
 SIP id:  Enter the extension number created in VOIspeed 4
 Authentication Required:  Enable authentication
Realm: Enter the keyword “VOIspeed
Username / Password: Enter the user details of VOIspeed 4 (e.g. voispeed6 / user87431)
Authentication Period: 60

2.  Save the configuration.
3.  You can check the status of the gateway created by going to Monitoring gateway. Check in
Monitoring gateway that the gateway you just created is properly authenticated and active (Green LED                indicates gateway is active).
4.   Assign the LCR rules for outgoing calls so that the prefixes required (eg 0, 1, and 3) use Voispeed4 as a              gateway for outgoing calls.
5.   Enter the new extension number (i.e. 87431) as a number for the required company in VOIspeed 6 and set the routing rule as required to handle incoming calls (e.g. route to extension / group / IVR / etc.)

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