User Interface for Mobile Phone

User Interface for Mobile Phone

Mobile User Interface

If you have upgraded to the latest version of VOIspeed V6 you can experience a new User Interface designed especially for Web Browsers. It works in the same way as all VOIspeed Software and is extremely simple to use. It has been designed especially for mobile phones where the screen of the device is much smaller and has a page structure adapted to this size and functionality.

You can access the Web Page on you mobile device by typing:

On the screen above you have to “Click” on the Settings and then you will be transferred to another screen:

Please input correct details: Username, Password and Extension

  • Username: Your Username on the Server followed by @ and the server domain ie:
  • Password:  A GUI password – (not SIP password) ie: voipuser34342
  • Extension:  Your extension ie: 1235
  • Advanced Options: Should be filled up automatically (no need for any input)

Please do not forget to Click on “SAVE” at the end.

After successful login your new User Interface should be similar to the following image:

The functionalities are the same as those for the VOIspeed GUI, many options regarding Call Logs, Voicemail, Phone book or even add, amend or delete the users. You can use the VOIspeed user interface easily with your mobile and you will not loose any of its original settings. The screenshot below illustrates a few of the options that you can apply to the WEB GUI.

There are many more options available with the WEB GUI. Please refer to the VOIspeed Client instructions located in the User Manual article for further information.

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