Your privacy is important

VOIspeed will help you protect it

Your access to VOIspeed software is personal


Your VOIspeed software saves data for you, simplifying your work and making you more productive.


Access to this data is personal to you, only available via password-protected access which has its own regular and secure renewal mechanisms.

We protect your privacy


VOIspeed software provides you with important tools for data sharing, which enable you to work more efficiently every day.


Safety of this data is essential: data and files produced from texting and chats with colleagues, the calls you record or text messages you send are all saved in encrypted mode and are only accessible from your personal account.

Your data only belongs to you


The GDPR regulation guarantees everyone the right to access the data a company holds on them (Subject Data Request) as well as the right to delete this data, or ‘to be forgotten’.


VOIspeed software has been designed to meet these data protection requirements, so that you can request the administrator of your phone system to receive all the data stored in your account and to cancel this when it is no longer necessary or useful.

Your data is always protected


We encrypt the data from every time you make a call, send a message or an attachment via VOIspeed. The same applies to personal information on your VOIspeed software. For example, your login password or information about your private contacts is encrypted, visible only to you and protected in centralised location.


VOIspeed saves all your data and takes care of ensuring its security, making it available only to you in a cloud solution, ensuring that no one can view it, except you!

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