V6 Changelog

Change log VOIspeed 6

VOIspeed 6.7.13

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Solved a problem about auto provisioning IP terminal

VOIspeed 6.7.13

Fixed on PBX
– Error in valuation on hold time in call report
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Provisioning upload
– Incoming/outgoing icon in call report
– Diagnostic date/hour filters doesn\’t work
Fixed on User Area
– During a closure configuration the user has always an error about the presence of an audio device

VOIspeed 6.7.12

Added on PBX
– Super-admin password recovery application
Fixed on PBX
– Problems on new company creation
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Localized strings
– Problems on changing default value of password validity period

VOIspeed 6.711

Fixed on WEB Config
– Problems on creating new administrator
– Other problems on creating and routing new company number
– Problems on uploading .csv file to add phonebook contacts

VOIspeed 6.7.9

Fixed on WEB Config
– Doesn\’t create provisioning files
– Problems on new user creation

VOIspeed 6.7.8

Fixed on GUI
– GUI upgrade doesn\’t work in some configurations

VOIspeed 6.7.7

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Problem on recovery user password when company setting for duration of password validity is Always

VOIspeed 6.7.6

Added on WEB Configurator
– GDPR section
– User Profiles
– Log management
Added on GUI/UseraArea
– Password Recovery

VOIspeed 6.6.26

Fixed on PBX
– Minor call engine adjustments
– Group calls queue can generate a call cut off
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Sub-administrator profile can manage user list in Group configuration even if it hasn\’t user management capability

VOIspeed 6.6.24

Fixed on PBX
– Problem on on hold calls management using \”Notify of position in queue\” option
– Stability improvements
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Fix call analyser results in User Calls analysis
Fixed on GUI
– Problems with last release of ATI Radeon drivers

VOIspeed 6.6.22

Fixed on PBX
– Less CPU usage

VOIspeed 6.6.21

Fixed on PBX
– No audio on call divert on WAN route

VOIspeed 6.6.20

Fixed on PBX
– Improved telephony engine resiliency
Fixed on GUI
– WAN users aren\’t shown in users list to manage call transfer
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Autoprovisioning doesn\’t work with Yealink phones
– Periodic call report exports sent by mail are empty

VOIspeed 6.6.16

Fixed on PBX
– Improved core stability
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Multi-company call analyser shows results of all company
– Group in/out doesn\’t work

VOIspeed 6.6.13

Fixed on PBX
– During Meeting rooms execution PBX doesn\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Uploading phonebook contacts by .csv file gives a DB error
– IVR doesn\’t accept \’0\’ as comeback key
– Calls with \”No available resources\” aren\’t in call report
Fixed on HTML5 GUI
– GUI doesn\’t work in some WEB browser

VOIspeed 6.6.9

Added on Desktop GUI
– Outlook 2016 and Outlook 365 compatibility
Fixed on PBX
– Group queue doesn\’t work when on hold message is playing
– SSN call forward event doesn\’t work if user forward a call by GUI
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Adding new phonebook contacts doesn\’t work

VOIspeed 6.6.8

Fixed on PBX
– Video calls on WAN don\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– error on company pick call settings
– case sensitive settings on check company domain
– labels localization
Fixed on GUI
– new link to web manual

VOIspeed 6.6.6

Fixed on PBX
– Call diverting to another user doesn\’t work
– Service number call doesn\’t find right file .wav
– IVR call integration generates some loops
– call_switch_code key is now editable in confPBX.ini file
– In SIP calls, RE-Invite session from carrier doesn\’t work
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Integrate audio player doesn\’t work with admin-user login
– In call analyser tool all call with non answer has ringing time equal to 0
– When you create a new user on PBX, WEB Configurator send an email with a wrong port
– In Gateway monitoring wrong realm doesn\’t appear
Fixed on User area
– Call divert settings don\’t work

VOIspeed 6.6.3

Added on PBX
– Company codec on Company settings
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Some SSN notifications aren\’t displayed on Company settings
Fixed on GUI PC
– After user stand-by status monitor gateway is off line
– Modifying preferred phonebook contact causes contact duplication with MySQL DB

VOIspeed 6.6.2

Fixed on PBX
– License registration/update doesn\’t work on MySQL DB
Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Simple administrator configuration doesn\’t have Call Analyzer capability
– Some call in Calls Analyzer doesn\’t show right informations
Fixed on GUI PC
– Notification on call on hold and retrive by device doesn\’t work
– Phonebook visualization doesn\’t work with Outlook contacts with non UTF-8 characters

VOIspeed 6.6.0

Added on PBX
– Dynamic notification group call queue on on hold message
– Call parking and blind call transfer timeout configuration
Added on WEB Configurator
– New Call analyzer in Report menu
– More informations on user settings mail advice
Added on GUI
– Remote assistance link added to GUI icon menu from icontry
– Automatic switching to audio device when on-hook state is recognized
– Special audio notification on call queue
Added on WEB UA
– User capapbility to Group login/logout

VOIspeed 6.5.27

Fixed on WEB Server
– Incompatibility between VOIspeed web Server and Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Fixed on UA (EN Version)
– Filters in callreports don\’t work

VOIspeed 6.5.26

Fixed on PBX
– Improved management of user status update in WAN route connection
– Deleted deadlock on vocalbox management IVR when there are new messages not yet heared
– Improved calls queue management by GUI when main call is closed by device
– Solved race condition with appended call on analogic line managed by V-6019
– Improved management of SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE with memory leakage on PC Server
– On PBX restart user status were setted to FREE when MySQL was used as DB
– Call muted during switch device on GUI

FIxed on Web Configurator
– Company after hours didn\’t work properly with DDI
– Solved problem in periodic e-mail sending call report model
– Solved problem with great call report results computing

Fixed on GUI PC
– A new phonebook contact added with preferred option checked doesn\’t work
– Solved ambiguity in hot key configuration
– Pasting a number in call field doesn\’t enable call button
– Call report doesn\’t update when GUI was switched on for more than a day
– Voicemail messages show phonebooc contact name if calling number is saved
– Wrong e-mail address management by vocemail manager
– Wrong parking lines monitor management
– Disabled options menu on call active if there are no actions allowed

Added on PBX
– Call parking and blind call transfer timeout configuration

Added on GUI
– Remote assistance link added to GUI icon menu from icontry
– Automatic switching to audio device when on-hook state is recognized

VOIspeed 6.5.19

Fixed on PBX
– Problem on recording a call coming from a gateway with G.729 codec to a busy group
– Number mapping doesn\’t work routing external call

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Blank space in gateway prefixes doesn\’t work
– Users list in WAN gateway monitoring closes automatically even if page refresh is disabled

Fixed on GUI PC
– Outgoing call to a number mapped by a mapping rule after a call already actived doesn\’t show managing call buttons
– Group messaging doesn\’t work

Fixed on GUI HTML5
– on mobile version root of department\’s three doesn\’t open correct user group

VOIspeed 6.5.16

Fixed on PBX
– If a call is diverted to a voicemail during its recording, voicemail doesn\’t produce a vocal message
– Call Pick up on external calls has one way audio
– Diverting an external incoming call to a landline number has one way audio

Fixed on WEB Configurator
– Sorting by duration on call report doesn\’t work
– Trash icon on web player in recorded calls report doesn\’t work
– There was no consistency check on user PIN manually modified
– During new user creation if \”Account details notification\” is setted to \”Do not send\”, system sends the email anyway
– Voicemail to multiple mail addresses doesn\’t work
– \’Group profile\’ and \’Advanced settings\’ in \’Create single-user groups\’ doesn\’t work

Fixed on GUI PC
– On MySQL based installations \”Who called whom\” doesn\’t show details
– Right click to send a message to a user doesn\’t work if the user icon is not focused
– Adding new phone number to a phonebook contact doesn\’t work
– Inconsistent value passed in Integra client event !07 when the call is forwarded to a group

Fixed on GUI HTML5
– Status change on this GUI resets settings of divert status

VOIspeed 6.5.10

Fixed on PBX

If you would like to find out more information or find help on other subjects.you can find the VOIspeed Support Page by following the link.

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