VOIspeed Features



VOIspeed is compatible with the standard “BLF” (Busy Lamp Field): this function enables a VOIspeed phone system to communicate the status of a user to a BLF compatible IP phone (standard RFC4235). The lamp is on when a user is free and flashing when the phone is ringing.



VOIspeed provides an additional user interface based on HTML5 technology that can be used on Apple-Mac, Android and iOS devices (e.g. tablet or smartphones). The browser used must be compatible with HTML5 and WEB Socket.



VOIspeed can be used to share the same hardware PBX across multiple companies. Particularly relevant when VOIspeed is used in a virtual environment in a data centre where it will be possible to activate more than one licence on the same Windows Server machine.


Conference call

Integration with Outlook

Conference call

FSA compliant call recording

Mobile phones and tables

Integration with 3rd party software and API

Chat and Instant Messaging

Call reports, stats and detailed logs

Presence indication

Shared phone book and contact list

Text messaging between users

Connecting ISDN and analogue lines

Speed dials grouped into departments

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