VOIspeed UI Headset and PC Audio selection

With VOIspeed UI any user can manage the audio of their phone calls directly from their PC, without having to resort to IP phones or third-party softphones.  Select the PC Audio option on your VOIspeed UI to check the presence of compatible and functioning audio devices or headsets.  The various ways of setting up a PC with an audio device, and those devices that are best suited to VOIspeed are explained below:


1 – PC with sound card on board

eg. Jack Connector


USB Connector

eg. USB Connector

This is when you have a laptop with integrated speakers and microphone or a desktop PC to which you can connect any headset.  With a sound card on board you can use the speakers and microphone integrated into the laptop directly or any headset with a microphone and jack connection (see images) connected to the PC audio output.  You can use a wired USB headset too (see Compatibility list below).


2 – PC WITHOUT sound card on board

When there is a desktop PC with no sound card available (the PC audio outputs are completely missing), you can ONLY use a wired USB headset, since there are no speakers and microphone on board (and the PC cannot be connected to a headset with a microphone/ jack connector).

Please see the compatible models in the list below.


3 – PC with Bluetooth connection

Although you can connect a Bluetooth headset with microphone to the PC, it may not be fully supported by VOIspeed.  Even if the control over the audio functionality carried out by the VOIspeed UI software works, the acceptance and call and volume control keys on the headset may not be usable. We are constantly working to update our hardware compatibility list however, so that we can offer the best possible user experience.



1 – Certified Devices

The following USB headsets are certified for use with the VOIspeed PC Audio. In addition to managing the audio during calls, they have a call opening / closing system and buttons for call audio levels and microphone mute.

USB Wired Monaural (i.e. one ear):

USB Wired Binaural (i.e. two ears):


2 – Compatible devices

Compatible devices are all headsets with jack connectors and USB cables correctly identified by the PC to which they are connected.  While the management of the audio on a call is guaranteed, the functionality of all buttons on the headsets (answer keys, closure, audio level and mute) is not.

3 – Devices that are not compatible yet

This group includes wireless headsets (Bluetooth or DECT) and all those devices we cannot guarantee the correct audio management or the functionality of the buttons.

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