Who called Whom

This feature is helpful to the user when they receive incoming calls from external numbers. This feature allows the user to see the list of those extensions that have been previously communicated with the same external number, therefore providing better customer service.

Note: This feature is specifically enabled by the user profile and only works with external numbers.

You can use this feature during a conversation by clicking on the ‘gui who called who‘ icon. Once you click on the icon then you will also see the option to switch to another device or connect to mobile if these audio devices have already been configured. If you click on the “who called whom” icon then a new section appears under the GUI call report section with a list of answered calls for the called user.

The list displays the calls made/received to the called party by users (including your extension). The call list displays the Date/Time/Duration of the call, and status of the call incoming or outgoing. The call list also displays the current status of users (e.g. Busy, Do not disturb, absent) which helps the user to see the status of others before transferring calls. You can filter the list based on time intervals.

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